We need to make health care both affordable and accessible. With the current attempts to sabotage and cut the ACA, Medicare, and Medicaid, I want to push for a solution here in WI by implementing Badgercare for All. I've learned this could result in savings of up to 24% for subscribers, offer a wider range of providers, and won't cost the state anything. Let's take the Medicaid expansion that Governor Walker turned down, which could save the state some $250 million per year. And let's partner with rural health providers and hospitals to insure access and financial stability.


Our district has been left behind. Unemployment is still high in Burnett County, and wages throughout the district are low. Parents struggle to support their families working a variety of low wage jobs. We need to bring more jobs with family sustaining wages, train new graduates and existing workers for more skilled positions, and support the jobs and industries already here in the 28th District. Let's get our share of rural broadband monies, and really update internet so people can work remotely from the Twin Cities, or start an internet based business like my husband. Let's partner with local businesses to develop training and apprenticeships so they can get the skilled workers they need for trades and manufacturing. Let's support our family farms, and the new generation of organic and CSA farmers moving to our area. Let's train for the future, with an emphasis for workers for solar, wind, and other clean energy technologies.


I think public dollars should be spent on public schools. I have watched budget cuts affect my kids school over the last 7 years, as my own kids' great teachers were pushed into early retirement - a loss to our kids, and our future teachers, who don't have the mentors they need to succeed at their jobs. Let's fully fund public education, especially rural schools, and work to make the UW System world class once again.


I support legalizing medical marijuana and decriminalizing recreational marijuana. Personally, I am fine with legalizing recreational use, but I would be open to a state wide referendum. Legalizing and regulating the sale of marijuana could bring much needed revenue to our state, and even reduce the state’s opioid and methamphetamine addiction rates by allowing people to self medicate with less harmful substances.

School Vouchers

I think public tax dollars should be spent on public schools. Most Wisconsin schools are not “failing.” This is a myth created by people who want to privatize education. Voucher schools do NOT outperform public schools, despite the fact that they can pick and choose their students, unlike public schools . 70% of students using vouchers attended private or religious schools so vouchers end up being a tax break for wealthy families. Plenty of scholarship money is available. Voucher schools are not accountable to tax payers, and do not face the same standards as public schools. Vouchers take money away from our rural districts. Public Schools are already struggling for funding - they could use that $300,000,000.


In a word, no. I hope our next governor will work to get us out of this contract. The price tag is too high, and the returns too uncertain. I would be less annoyed if this was an American company, but to give such huge tax giveaways to a foreign company, with a questionable history, is bad business for Wisconsin. The per job price tag is astronomical. The company should be held to the same environmental standards as other WI. companies. Imagine spreading that investment across the state, to fund small busniess start ups.

Pre-existing Condition Mandate.

Our Republican Governor and his Attorney General are suing to get out of the preexisting condition mandate. Walker’s alternative plan has been roundly denounced. Before the ACA, I had private insurance that excluded coverage of my allergies, asthma, cholesterol, prescriptions and more, and that was before I had cancer. I have a vested, personal interest in keeping this mandate. Democrats will all fight for this mandate.