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Watch Assembly 28 Candidates Debate on DrydenWire.

Watch Assembly 28 Candidates Debate on DrydenWire.

Thanks to Ben Dryden and the DrydenWire for hosting the 28th Assembly Candidates online debate this morning. This is a great chance for voters to get to know the two candidates.


Kim Butler wants to legalize medical marijuana and hemp production & processing. Let’s move towards decriminalization & legalizing adult recreational use.


What would you do about judicial reform? Would you decriminalize marijuana and regulate hemp?

Kim Butler, Democratic candidate

Our Constitution set up a balance between the judiciary, the legislative and the executive branches of government. The legislature makes laws and the courts apply, or uphold those laws. The judiciary should be fair and impartial, the court should rise above the political fray, and issue rulings based solely on the law, in keeping with their code of ethics. Some states have seen battles between the courts and the legislature. Our April 3 Supreme Court election, while technically nonpartisan, was highly politicized.


Candidate Debate on WPR’s “The West Side”

Candidate forums and debates are great tools for voters to compare candidates, and see who’s knowledge, experience, and values line up with their own. I am glad I got a chance to appear on “The West Side” with Rich Kremer.

Load this web page to listen to the candidate forum.


I will work for everyone to ensure fair funding to our schools.

I don’t want my tax dollars giving a tax break to a wealthy family from Wauwatosa. Public schools have been the backbone of America, and can help bring future success, if we adequately fund them.


I will work for everyone to protect our environment and natural resources

Keeping our state healthy and our economy strong, vibrant and growing should be a shared mission of both the DNR and state and local governments.


I will work for everyone to bring affordable, accessible health care to Northwest Wisconsin

...and in fact, Governor Walker’s Attorney General Brad Schimel is involved in a lawsuit to eliminate the Pre Existing clause. Governor Walker’s plan to cover pre-exisiting conditions falls short of the mark according to numerous sources.


Volunteers for Agriculture® Endorse Kim Butler for 28th Assembly District

Kim Butler of Balsam Lake has been endorsed by the Volunteers for Agriculture Committee for the 28th Assembly District. VFA is the political action arm of the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation.


Wisconsin Eye Interviews Kim Butler Candidate for 28th Assembly District

On September 6, 2018, Senior Producer Steve Walters interviewed Kim Butler (D-Balsam Lake) who is running for the 28th Assembly District in the upcoming election. At Chippewa Valley Tech College - Eau Claire, WI


I will work for everyone to grow our economy and bring family supporting jobs to our district

We also need to train our students for the jobs that exist in this community. Public-private partnerships that work with our schools and area businesses need to be supported and expanded with legislation.


I will work for everyone to tackle the Student Loan Debt problem

When I went to college back in the early 1980s, a Wisconsin student could attend UW Madison by working a summer job and having a part time job during the school year. You might graduate with some debt, but nothing like what students face today. So whenever I hear a politician say, "Back in my day, I worked my way through college..." it frustrates me to no end. Another example I share is that when I graduated as a English Major, tuition at my private college was about $12K a year. I walked into a job paying $12K a year. Not a fortune, but a decent salary. These days, English majors graduating from small liberal arts colleges with tuition rates of 60-75,000 do NOT walk in to jobs that pay that much.

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